Fine Reclaimed rubber

Fine reclaimed rubber is made from heavy duty truck and OTR tyres,whose size should be above 900.The waste tyres should be crushed to 60 mesh.Furthermore,we filter the rubber material during process.The products appear smooth.Taking plant oil as softener,the product is environment-friendly.

Performance Specification
Item Standard Unit Examine Method
Water Content ≤1.20 % GB/T13460-92
Ash ≤10.0 % GB/T13460-92
Acetone Extract ≤20.0 % GB/T13460-92
Tensile strength ≥9.5 Mpa GB/T13460-92
Elongation ≥320 % GB/T13460-92
Mooney Ml 40-70 GB/T1232
Density ≤1.20

Remark: Mooney viscosity can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements

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