Butyl Reclaimed Rubber

Butyl reclaimed rubber is made from waste butyl inner tubes of trucks.Adopting the advanced desulfurization technique,the whole process is scientific and environmental protected.No chemical agents are added and also the rubber should be filtered twice by 100 mesh.This process technique is unique in China.The product quality is stable and performance is excellent.The content of PAHS is kept the lowest among the similar products.

Performance Specification
Item Standard Unit Examine Method
Water Content ≤1.20 % GB/T13460-92
Ash ≤10.0 % GB/T13460-92
Acetone Extract ≤20.0 % GB/T13460-92
Tensile strength ≥7.5 Mpa GB/T13460-92
Elongation ≥450 % GB/T13460-92
Mooney Ml 30-60 GB/T1232

Remark: Mooney viscosity can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements

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