Waterproof roll devulcanization rubber crumb

It’s made from whole OTR radial tire and 24-40 mesh. We make rubber crumb with adding softener and activator by developed devulcanizing process. Devulcanization rubber crumb can be used to increase the performance of waterproof roll obviously. It also shorten the time of mixing with other materials and reduce the cost.

Performance Specification
Item Standard Unit Examine Method
Water Content ≤1.20 % GB/T13460-92
Ash ≤10.0 % GB/T13460-92
Acetone Extract ≤20.0 % GB/T13460-92
Tensile strength ≥7.5 Mpa GB/T13460-92
Elongation ≥450 % GB/T13460-92
Mooney Ml 30-60 GB/T1232

Remark: Mooney viscosity can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements

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